Happy holidays!

It has been an eventful first half year at QleanAir, with many exciting innovations and new technologies that have kept us busy. For example, we launched the IoT platform “QleanAir Connect” and three air cleaning solutions compatible with the German Association of Engineers, VDIs, recommendations for schools and offices. We have also cleaned around 5.66 billion cubic meters of air every month!

During the spring, we shared experiences from our customers Engelhardt, Johan & Nyström, Schule am Buschkamp and Rügenwalder Mühle. We have also written about air quality and health, pollen, sustainability and the impact of cigarettes on the environment. This and much more can be read in our newsroom.

Our editorial team is now taking a summer break, but our team is of course still available for you.

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We wish you a pleasant summer!


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VDI 4300-14

VDI compliant air cleaning solutions

QleanAir is one of the first providers of air cleaners to adapt its solutions to the new expert recommendations from the German Association of Engineers, VDI.

QleanAir Connect illustration on warehouse image

Launch of IoT platform QleanAir Connect

With the launch of QleanAir Connect, we are taking air cleaning to the next level. QleanAir Connect is a cloud-based platform developed to measure, control and optimize your air quality in real-time.

5.66 billion cubic meters of cleaned air per month in the first quarter

QleanAir increased the volume of cleaned indoor air by 27.2%.

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Do you have questions about air cleaning solutions? Welcome to contact us!

Luebbecke schoolL’école allemande est restée ouverte en sécurité grâce à la purification de l’air
Woman in warehouse with tomatoesQleanair à fourni 5.88 milliards m³ d'air pur par mois a la fin du deuxième trimestre