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QleanAir is the premium provider of solutions for clean indoor air in professional environments. The company’s business model is based on rental contracts for modular solutions with a full-service offer. QleanAir solutions are developed using a filter technology that captures, filters and recycles indoor air. The company has close to 12,000 installed units with more than 3,500 customers on the markets for EMEA, APAC and the Americas. For full year 2022, net sales amounted to 455 MSEK and adjusted operating margin was 10.9 percent. QleanAir’s head office is in Solna, Sweden.

The share is traded on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, ticker: QAIR, ISIN SE0013382066.

QleanAir Investor Presentation Q2 2023 (PDF)


QleanAir Scandinavia K.K. Japan ("QleanAir") has entered in a partnership with a domestic fruit and vegetable distribution and processing company...
QleanAir Japan, har ingått ett partnerskap med ett inhemskt distributions- och processföretag för frukt och grönsaker i Saitama prefecture...
QleanAir AB (publ), the premium provider of solutions for clean indoor air, has previously announced a strategic partnership with German space company...
QleanAir AB (publ), premiumleverantören av lösningar för ren inomhusluft, har tidigare tillkännagett ett strategiskt partnerskap med...
QleanAir har fått information om att Staffan Persson via Swedia Capital nu kontrollerar strax under 20 procent av röster och kapital. Ägarförändringen...
QleanAir has received the information that Staffan Persson through Swedia Capital now controls just below 20 percent of the votes and capital. The change...
2023-08-10 08:00 25% GROWTH AND IMPROVED OPERATING MARGIN Regulatory MAR
"We prioritize to reach our financial targets. Q2 2023 continues to show that we are on the right track. The demand for premium indoor air solutions...
”Vi prioriterar att nå våra finansiella mål. Q2 2023 visar fortsatt att vi är på rätt väg. Efterfrågan...
QleanAir, the provider of solutions for clean indoor air, has signed agreements with three different customers for three different cleanrooms sales in...
QleanAir, premiumleverantören av lösningar för ren inomhusluft, har tecknat avtal med tre olika kunder för tre separata renrumsprojekt...
November 9, 2023 Q3 2023
February 9, 2024 Q4 and full year report 2023

QleanAir’s objective is to achieve an average annual rate of organic growth of approximately 10 percent in the medium to long-term.

QleanAir’s objective is to achieve an EBIT-margin of 15-20 percent in the medium to long- term.

Dividend policy
QleanAir’s objective is that between 30-50 percent of the net profit for the year shall be distributed as dividends to shareholders. The dividend proposal shall take into account QleanAir’s long-term development potential, financial position and investment needs.

QleanAir has a clear strategy for realizing continued capital efficiency and profitable growth for the Company. QleanAir’s strategic growth plan is focused on the following initiatives.

  • Expand the sales organization
  • New products and solutions
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Geographic expansion into new markets
  • Expansion into new customer segments
  • Launch new concepts and services

Business concept
QleanAir shall offer modular solutions for indoor air cleaning in order to protect people, products and processes.

QleanAir’s vision is to become a leading, global provider of premium, modular indoor air cleaning solutions.

QleanAir operates to create healthy indoor environments that contribute to improved productivity of people, products and processes.

Making a real difference through clean air.

Share capital, the shares and owners

The total number of shares as of June 30, 2023, amounted to 14,859,200 and the share capital to MSEK 7.4. After full dilution, the number of shares amounts to 15,959,316 shares. The dilution consists of a maximum of 1,100,116 warrants issued to employees in senior positions. The maximum dilution effect of the warrants issued in relation to the number of shares amounts to 6.9%.

QleanAir AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market with ticker QAIR. FNCA is a certified advisor, +46 8 528 00 399 and QleanAir is covered by Pareto Securities AB and Redeye AB.

Shareholder % capital and votes
Staffan Persson (Swedia Capital) 12,5%
Qevirp 41 Ltd 10,9%
Avanza Pension 10,5%
BankInvest 9,6%
Calandrella Ltd 6,6%
Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia 4,6%
Nordnet Pension 4,1%
Clearstream Banking, Luxemburg 2,6%
Fredrik Palmstierna 2,2%
CB LDN Citibank 2,0%
Ten largest shareholders 65,6%
Other shareholders 34,4%
Total 100,0%

QleanAir has been developing solutions that protect people against indoor air pollution for 30 years. Environmental issues, social and corporate governance, health, and safety have been key priorities for QleanAir since the start. Our air cleaning solutions create a healthy and safe indoor environment for your people, ensure the quality and shelf life of your products, and guarantee the performance of your operations by for example prolonging the lifetime of your equipment. The QleanAir operating company is ISO-certified to environment standard ISO 14001 and quality standard ISO 9001. Our business model is based on renting modular solutions with a performance guarantee. The units and their parts are refurbished, reused, and recycled. A high proportion of operations is outsourced to suppliers who comply with the QleanAir code of conduct. This code of conduct is linked to our sustainability, quality assurance and environment, marketing and health and safety policies. Production and assembly take part on each continent to reduce delivery times and CO2 emissions. Since 2015 the group has quantified the amount of purified air per hour on an ongoing basis.

Cleaned air in billion cubic meters per month

Cleaned air graph Q2 2023

Corporate governance report

The company applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and complies with applicable corporate governance laws, primarily the Swedish Companies Act and the Annual Reports Act. This corporate governance report is prepared in accordance with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and has been scrutinized by the company’s auditors. The corporate governance report refers to the calendar year 2020. The company’s share has been admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market since 12 December 2019. The Code has been applied since 12 December 2019. For more infomation, see the annual report.

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