Production industry

The production industry faces several different air quality challenges. Production facilities often have bad indoor air quality due to dust particles, gases, odors, and other by-products that are created during the production process. Depending on the type of production, hazardous drugs, powder ingredients, and by-products from welding and grinding can also contaminate the air, affecting not only the health of the employees and visitors of the facility but also risking contamination of the products being produced. In every workplace, there are smokers working there. Thankfully, all these challenges can be solved by using the right air cleaning solution.



The indoor air quality in production facilities is often poor due to by-products created during the production process, such as dust, gases, and odors. Depending on the type of production there can also be a risk of hazardous drugs, powder ingredients, and by-products from welding and grinding contaminating the air inside the facility. These factors all contribute to an increased risk of employees developing serious health issues such as asthma, lung infections, cardiovascular disease, or even lung cancer.

In addition to the health issues, these by-products and air pollutants can contaminate the products being produced, risking the technical cleanliness, quality and lifespan of the product. Residual particles such as dust, dirt, debris, and metal fragments can clog machinery, causing unnecessary extra costs due to maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, there are of course smokers at most, if not all, workplaces. Long smoke breaks due to the smokers having to get to designated smoking areas are not only inconvenient to smokers, but it can also lead to decreased productivity. In other words, using our air cleaning solutions will help improve both the working environment and the business.



The versatile air cleaner FS 90 is designed for large industrial environments and is one of the most powerful air cleaners on the market. It’s equipped with hybrid mounting technology, which means that it can either be floor-standing, or ceiling-mounted in facilities with limited floor space. For spaces where specific pollutants should be targeted, FS 70 Carbon, FS 70 Extra Capacity, and FS 70 Heavy Duty can help efficiently reduce the amount of dust, gases, odors, and other production by-products in the air and increase the facility’s air quality. For production processes that involve hazardous drugs or powder ingredients, or products that are very sensitive to dust, we recommend using one of our cleanroom solutions. As for smoking, we recommend the S-Line S 60 smoking cabin with our patented fireproof ash handling system.

All our air cleaners use multi-stage mechanical filtration to capture the air contaminants in the facility, creating a healthier work environment, a cleaner facility, and reducing the machinery’s downtime.

Safe and healthy
indoor air

Increased productivity

Less maintenance
and downtime

Ensured product

The QleanAir

We deliver our solutions hassle-free as a service. We customize the solution to your needs by conducting measurements and testing. We take care of installation, service, upgrades, ensure compliance to regulations, and future-proof the solution. We deliver the freedom of clean air – so you can focus on what really matters.

Recommended products

QleanAir FS 70
QleanAir FS 70

FS 70 Heavy Duty

For heavy duty industrial applications.

QleanAir FS 90 Standard

A powerful air cleaner for large
scale jobs.

QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom
QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom

QleanAir QleanSpace GMP

Creates a controlled environment
for sensitive production.

QleanAir S 60

Efficient, quiet and hassle-free smoking solution for environments with high demands on safety.