Production industry

When manufacturing products with high demands on technical cleanliness like medicines, MedTech equipment, electronics or optics etcetera, the indoor air quality is of great importance. If the particle load is too high in these environments, it will have a negative impact on the products produced, which might affect for the end consumer. It can also be detrimental to the health of the employees. These challenges can be solved by choosing the right cleanroom solution.



When producing sensitive products, there are some air quality issues to consider. They are often related to dust particles, particles released from humans or by-products that are created during the production process. Depending on the type of production, hazardous drugs or powder ingredients can also contaminate the air. These particles risk contaminating of the products being produced, risking the technical cleanliness, quality, and lifespan of the product. This can in turn impact the end consumer, depending on the product. The air quality will also affect the health of the employees, potentially leading to short- and long-term illness and absence.

Powder ingredients​​
Contamination of products​
Hazardous drugs


To solve these challenges, we recommend our freestanding room-within-a-room cleanroom solution QleanSpace, that can be installed in most environments. QleanSpace will be customized to meet your specific needs for ISO, USP, GMP, or FDA cGMP classification, room size, or other requirements. It uses independent HEPA 14 fan filter units and airlocks to generate positive or negative pressure and create a controlled environment. Easy-to-clean materials, continuous monitoring, preventive service all contribute to maintaining your desired cleanroom classification. Consultation, design, installation, and functional guarantee is included to give you a hassle-free cleanroom solution.

Safe and healthy
indoor air

Increased productivity

Less maintenance
and downtime

Ensured product

The QleanAir

We deliver our solutions hassle-free as a service. We customize the solution to your needs by conducting measurements and testing. We take care of installation, service, upgrades, ensure compliance to regulations, and future-proof the solution. We deliver the freedom of clean air – so you can focus on what really matters.

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