Bioburden, or microbial growth, refers to microorganisms contaminating a surface, product, or fluid. Bioburden, or microbial growth, is caused by airborne microbes, dust, dirt, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and particles shed from people, products and equipment. People shed 3.5 kg of particles from their hair and skin every year, and every breath may contain viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Bioburden is mobile and continuously growing. It touches and contaminates everything.


Application areas

Bioburden is largely an issue in very sensitive environments. In pharmacy compounding, production of medical equipment and food production facilities, reducing bioburden is vital to ensure the quality and lifespan of the products and to protect the end consumers life and health. In sensitive production environments like those for electronics and optics, it is essential to keep bioburden to a minimum to attain technical cleanliness of the products and ensure product quality, function and customer satisfaction over time.



To reduce bioburden, it is necessary to minimize the number of particles in the air by using protective gear, clean all surfaces in the facility meticulously on a daily basis. Our cleanroom solutions, QleanSpace ISO, QleanSpace USP, QleanSpace GMP, and QleanSpace FDA cGMP, all create a controlled environment using multiple individual HEPA 14 fan filter units and air locks to maintain a negative or positive air pressure. The monitoring system helps control the number of particles in the air, as well as air pressure, relative humidity, and temperature inside the cleanroom.

Reduced level
of bioburden

Healthy and
satisfied customers


A controlled

Ensured quality and
lifespan of products

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QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom

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