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Clean air as a service

How many of you have bought an air cleaner without an included service plan attached to it, only to find out that in a short time your investment had become a liability?
Innovative solutions are not exclusive connected with the product. To us, the real value is having service attached to customers’ purchases. Statistics show, product quality, as essential as it is to customer satisfaction is not the main driver in a customer/brand relationship anymore. The real value lies in the longevity of the solution. In other words, the service quality and performance guarantees attract and keeps content customers.

This is why service has been a major component of QleanAir Scandinavia’s business model since day one. As much as we pride ourselves on our patented air filtration systems and customizable product lines, our real strength is delivering 100% of what our customers/clients need and expect every hour of every day and why they are in a partnership with us. We provide clean air all the time. No matter what environment our customers work or operate in, they all have one thing less to worry about; how clean their air quality is. We use the term «QleanAir Alliance» when we describe us; the provider, our service team, and our clients/customers.

What you can expect from clean air delivery

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance: Businesses can always have clean air; every hour of every day.
  • Improved user experience: Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We match our customers’ needs with custom tailored solutions and servicing plans.

Forward thinking

For the last few decades, businesses have adopted a few types of managed services; one popular example is in the form of coffee delivery. The end result is not the product, (the coffee machine), but the solution; – guaranteed, fresh coffee delivered along with, «on-the-clock» service. Today, businesses are also adopting clean air to be provided to them with the same business model and foresee this as a commonality and expectation from most businesses in the near future.

Indispensable solution

Our Lifetime Performance Guarantee is the sum of all these unique benefits and features within our service model. It is also essential in achieving true, customer satisfaction.

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