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Choose the right air cleaner to reduce coronavirus

As the world is getting ready to return to normal, the importance of good air quality has become more and more apparent. Stagnant air due to poor ventilation is now a known risk factor for the spread of the coronavirus. Using air cleaners to clean the air and increase air circulation is now recommended by CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention). But it is important to choose an air cleaner that is completely airtight and does not spread unfiltered air. Our HEPA 14 air cleaners have a third party verified filtering performance equal to the filters, 99,995%, or more.

Many air cleaners on the market use HEPA filters. The finest filter, HEPA 14, has a degree of separation of 99.995%, but to put it to real use, a completely airtight system, and an airflow adapted to the filter are required. The air takes the easiest way through the system. If there is any leakage, the air cleaner contributes to the spread of the virus instead of the other way around.

Developed in collaboration with the healthcare sector

During the first wave of the corona pandemic, Karolinska University Hospital approached us to help them protect the staff in the intensive care unit from infection. First, we put the FS 70 with HEPA 14 filter into production. Then we developed the new FS 30 HEPA in consultation with the hospital. Both units run very quietly and are particularly suitable for critical environments such as healthcare, but also for offices and schools.

Third party verified filtration efficiency of 99,995 % or more

To verify the efficiency of our new HEPA-machines, a third-party certification company evaluated the performance according to the ISO 14644 test standard. The test showed that our stand-alone air cleaners FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 HEPA have a filtration performance equal to or better than the main filter. In this case HEPA 14, which captures 99.995% of the most difficult-to-capture particles such as viruses and bacteria, and even more of other particles.

One shot filtration philosophy

At QleanAir, we have a special approach to air cleaning. Maybe it is because we started by cleaning tobacco smoke, where you only get one attempt to clean the air. It is immediately noticeable if the air cleaner has any leakage. We took this approach with us when we started with freestanding air cleaners. Our systems have no housing leakage, with several mechanical filters and a controlled airflow adapted to the filter, which effectively cleans the air on the first shot.

Want to know more?

We can help you investigate the possibilities of improving your work environment through a risk assessment free of charge.

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