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Absolute Pharmacy upgrades to a cleanroom from QleanAir

Absolute Pharmacy provides drugs for patients treated at home or in long-term care facilities. With their new cleanroom from QleanAir, they make sure that the compounding is done in an efficient and safe way, protecting patients, customers, as well as employees.
Absolute Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy that fills prescriptions for residents in skilled nursing, assisted living and intermediate care facilities. They compound drugs to provide tailored treatments to patients in rehabilitation, long-term and palliative care in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Absolute Pharmacy provides advanced pharmaceutical products and services with a 24-hour availability, 365 days a year. Making sure their customers avoid common setbacks such as medication errors, medication availability and increasing cost.

A new cleanroom for safe and efficient drug compounding

When Absolute Pharmacy moved to new premises, they chose to build a new cleanroom with the help of QleanAir. The new cleanroom makes a complicated and potentially hazardous process easier and safer. Within the cleanroom, the staff uses aseptic techniques to keep the products safe and clean for the patients to use. Having a cleanroom also minimizes the risk of the staff inhaling potent drugs like cytostatic and antibiotics.

“ The cleanroom from QleanAir is a huge upgrade to what we had previously ”

“The room has been a huge upgrade over what we had at our old pharmacy before we moved. Everything about it is an upgrade over what we had previously,” says Jerry Liliestedt, Vice President of Operations of Absolute Pharmacy.

The USP 797 cleanroom consists of an anteroom and a sterile compounding room, classified to ISO 8 and ISO 7 respectively. QleanAir designed, manufactured, and assembled the room. QleanAir also services and maintains the operation of the cleanroom.

“ QleanAir have embodied a true partnership that we look forward to continuing ”

– “After we decided that QleanAir was the right partner for us, the process continued to be very straightforward and easy,” Jerry Liliestedt continues. “I would like to say thank you to the folks that I have met at QleanAir over the last couple of years. They have embodied what we try to create with our customers, a true partnership, as opposed to a vendor that builds a room and walks away at the end of the day. We look forward to continuing that relationship.”

About Absolute Pharmacy

  • A part of Absolute Health Services, based in Ohio
  • Provides drugs to over 100 healthcare facilities Pharmacy services 24/7/365
  • Delivers 2 million prescriptions per year
  • Serves 7 500 residents with medicine every day
  • USP 797 cleanroom of 200 square feet (18 m²) ISO 7 and ISO 8

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