QleanAir QleanSpace ISO

A hassle-free
cleanroom solution

QleanSpace is a freestanding and independent room-within-a-room solution that can be installed in most environments. We offer a customizable solution to meet your specific needs for ISO classification, room size, or other requirements. Our cleanroom solution uses multiple redundant and independent HEPA 14 fan filter units and airlocks to generate positive or negative pressure and create a controlled environment. Easy-to-clean-materials, continuous monitoring, preventive service, and maintenance all contribute to maintaining your desired ISO classification. Project management, installation, and consultation, design, installation, service, and functional guarantee are all included in our hassle-free cleanroom solutions.


Key components of the QleanSpace ISO solution

  • Customizable, modular design, tailored for your needs in any size
  • Non-porous and flush surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Continuous monitoring of data points of interest, such as particle levels, relative humidity, differential pressure, and temperature, with warnings at pre-set levels
  • Individual fan filter units with HEPA 14 filters certified according to EN 1822
  • Fully automated and interlocking door system
  • Airlocks for clean passage of personnel, pass-through cabinets for material, laminar airflow (LAF) benches and other options available
  • Validation and classification according to ISO 14644, Lifetime Performance Guarantee, preventive service, and maintenance to ensure ISO classification

Recommended areas
of application

QleanSpace is constructed with inert materials, designed to be easy to clean, with smooth surfaces and rounded corners floor to wall. The floor meets the strictest requirements for particle release, which also reduces the risk of contamination. QleanSpace is designed according to your requirements with positive or negative pressure, door automation, locks for personnel, anterooms, monitoring, and pass-through cabinets. QleanAir has ISO classified cleanrooms installed in production industries where the level of cleanliness is absolutely business-critical, like medical technology, pharmaceuticals, optics, and electronics.


Our cleanrooms are modular, compact, and independent of ventilation, and therefore easy to place. The independent and redundant fan filter units allow for low ceiling height and continued operation during maintenance. QleanSpace can be installed virtually anywhere and offers flexibility for future modification, expansion, or relocation. We help you with everything from needs analysis and user requirements specification to design, project management, installation, classification, and validation. Our solutions come with the Lifetime Performance Guarantee, which means that we maintain the product to ensure the same function over time as at the time of installation. Regular maintenance, performance checks, and inspection of filter capacity are included in our service.

Tailored for
your needs

Standalone and
independent solution

Modular and

Compliant with ISO

Cost efficient

Cost efficient

Lifetime Performance

Example layout

1. Modular, durable walls

2. Pass-through cabinet

3. LED lighting

4. Fan filter units/HEPA 14 filters

5. Continuous monitoring

6. Windows/glass panels

7. Smooth surfaces and rounded corners

8. Material air lock

9. Anteroom

10. Changing room

11. Door automation

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QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom
QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom

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