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Air cleaners ensure the work environment and product quality at Engelhardt

Engelhardt develops and produces dry ingredients and food. As they work with powder-based ingredients, air quality has been a challenge. Since they acquired air cleaners from QleanAir, the working environment has improved greatly, and the risk of product contamination has been eliminated.

”Thanks to the air cleaners, we don’t have to wear a mask all the time”

Engelhardt is a privately owned Swedish food company that develops and manufactures ingredients and foods in powder form. Customers include food producers, bakeries and health food stores. High quality, food safety and sustainability are in focus. The packing room features three different product lines for filling packages. The room is cleaned after each filling, only to be covered in dust again as soon as the airborne powder settles. Breathing in the dusty air is a challenge, why some employees wear face masks all the time. It has also been difficult to make optimal use of the product lines, as the products cannot be allowed to contaminate each other.

Visibly cleaner air and much better working environment

After a consultation with QleanAir, a test installation with a QleanAir FS 70 air cleaner was implemented. The air’s particle content was measured before and after installation, and the result was impressive, says packaging manager Titoo Karim. “The air cleaners removes 90% of the particles, and you can see with the naked eye how the air cleaners capture the particles.“ The test installation became permanent, and two QleanAir FS 90 units were also installed.

It made a big difference to the air quality,“ Titoo says. “Now employees no longer need to wear face masks all day, and when we clean the room it stays clean. We can also work more efficiently in the packing room without the risk of product contamination, because the air quality is always good.

Mobility and the service structure offer great advantages

They are now considering bringing in more units for use in other areas. The fact that the air cleaners are mobile and can easily be moved to where they are needed is considered a great advantage. Engelhardt is also pleased with the service structure that ensures the solution’s functionality. A service technician comes by every six months to change filters, measure particle content and perform service. “It is a flexible and efficient solution that gives us value. We really recommend QleanAir“, Titoo Karim concludes.

About Engelhardt

  • Founded in 1962, 60 employees, turnover approximately EUR 35m per year
  • Handles approximately 800 different ingredients every year and produces around 350 different tailored mixtures annually
  • The company has one QleanAir FS 70 and two QleanAir FS 90 units installed

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