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Constructor of eco-friendly houses invests in a healthy working environment

As a unique supplier of Nordic Swan Ecolabeled apartments, K2A Trähus AB is a company made for the times. The green-white symbol guarantees that the apartments meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements for a healthy indoor environment with the smallest climate impact possible. Working in a production environment with wood as the main working material has its challenges, however.

High particle concentrations

All homes from K2A Trähus are manufactured in one of two indoor facilities, either in Valdemarsvik or in Gävle. The indoor construction sites offer several advantages, e.g. moisture-proof production and a readily-accessible overview of the whole process. Indoor work has its challenges, however. Handling wood and plaster causes many particles to be spread throughout the air, thus creating a dusty and unhealthy working environment.

Keeping staff at the center of attention

Andreas Andersson is the production manager at the factory in Valdemarsvik. With extensive experience in the construction industry, he realized what air cleaning could do for the working environment. “I started as a carpenter in the factory in 2001 and since then have gained experience in various roles. I recognized the problems with the air, and when I got the job as production manager, I wanted to actively pursue the issue of air cleaning,” says Andreas.

“We reduced the particle content by 75% in half an hour”

– Andreas Andersson, Production Manager at K2A Trähus AB

Successful test installation

With a rough idea of their requirements, Andreas did a Google search and contacted a couple of companies in the air cleaning industry. “QleanAir responded immediately and visited us the same day. The representative understood our challenges and suggested a test installation of seven FS 70 air cleaners.” As Andreas was very experienced, it was easy to locate problem and find the optimal location for the air cleaners. The result was clear. Within half an hour of installation, the measuring instrument showed that the particle content decreased by 75%, from 80 million to 20 million particles, and it continued to decrease thereafter. Andreas says: “I was the only one who could see the measuring instrument, but everyone in the factory noticed that something was happening as the air immediately improved. There was no doubt that the air cleaners made a massive difference.”

Now, a few months after installation, both staff and management are very pleased with the decision to invest in air cleaning. “The staff confirms that the air is much better, the need for cleaning has decreased and no one arrives home with black dust in their nose.”

Service with functional guarantees

One reason why K2A Trähus chose QleanAir as a partner was the quick feedback. Another important factor was the service offer. “We now know that the products are very effective and we get the clean air we want, but the first impression was crucial. We received a quick response, the opportunity to try a test installation, and a service agreement which means that our air cleaner continues to maintain the same high level. The overall experience with QleanAir is that everything has gone very quickly and smoothly. We can warmly recommend them to other companies that want to improve their working environment,” Andreas concludes.

About K2A Trähus AB

  • One of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of environmentally smart homes
  • Unique supplier of Nordic Swan Ecolabeled apartments
  • Belongs to the K2A Group
  • Facilities in Valdemarsvik and Gävle
  • Produces approximately 1,000 units per year
  • Approximately 100 employees
  • Read more about K2A Trähus AB on their website

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