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German school Schule am Buschkamp stayed safe and open with air cleaning

During the corona crisis, QleanAir supplied a German school for children with special needs, Schule am Buschkamp, with 14 air cleaners. That allowed them to stay safe and open even when the infection rates peaked. Not a single corona case occurred.
Air quality is of particular concern in Germany since many schools date from before the second world war without proper ventilation systems or even the possibility to open windows. Therefore, many German schools were in complete lockdown during the corona crisis or were operating with alternating classes. Thanks to every classroom being equipped with air cleaners, Schule am Buschcamp school could stay open.

“The school has managed to completely avoid coronavirus infections thus far. We can all literally breathe freely.”

“Regular school attendance is of utmost importance for all children, but especially for our students with special needs”, says Klaus Radermacher, Principal of Schule am Buschkamp.

The school managed to avoid corona infections completely

Some schools in Germany were eligible to subsidized air cleaning from the regional government. Schule am Buschkamp, however, were not. Since their windows were possible to open, they were supposed to shock ventilate every 20 minutes by opening windows. This wasn’t practical during the cold season since the students are unable to dress themselves. That inspired Astrid Beerwinkel, mother of one of the students, to launch a fundraising campaign to purchase air cleaning equipment. A total number of 14 air cleaners were installed – one in every classroom.

“The school has managed to completely avoid coronavirus infections thus far. Students, tutors, and other staff members can now literally breathe freely”, says Klaus Radermacher, Principal of Schule am Buschkamp.

Clean air should be a long-term priority

“The public sector must attach greater importance to the issue of clean air, because it will continue to accompany us after corona”, says Tobias Willi, CEO of QleanAir Scandinavia Gmb.

Over 600 air cleaners supplied to 75 German schools

In total, QleanAir has close to 620 air cleaners in use or confirmed for installation at over 75 German schools, for example in Berlin, Ebersberg, Ettal, Lübbecke, Ludwigshafen, Schwalbach and the Main-Taunus district.

Schule am Buschkamp in numbers

  • 137 students
  • 38 teachers
  • 14 classrooms
  • 14 QleanAir FS 30 HEPA

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