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What it means to make a real difference through clean air

Even if clean indoor air has become a matter of utmost importance for businesses during the pandemic, the true definition of clean air is still unclear for some. As an experienced provider of air cleaning solutions, QleanAir aims for more businesses to understand the importance of clean air and what a difference it makes for people’s health.
In each breath we take, we inhale 25 billion particles. These are particles from dust, dirt and viruses, but also from paint, metals, mould, pollen and allergens. When we go for a walk outside, we are usually aware that the air around us is probably polluted. But fewer people seem to know that indoor air can be more than 50 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Therefore, we are launching The QleanAir Difference. A new brand concept with a mission: to make more people aware of the true meaning of clean air and the positive effects it has on people’s health.

“Because we spend 90% of our lives inside, it is strange that we do not know more about the air we are breathing and the effect it has on us. A healthy indoor air environment should be in focus for all employers, no matter if the workplace is a mine or an office.”

Henrik Fernsund, CMO at QleanAir Scandinavia

The new brand concept is based on the insight that people care deeply about the quality of the air they breathe, but there seems to be very little collective knowledge on what the benefits of breathing clean air truly are. Polluted air constitutes one of the biggest environmental threats to human health.

This marks a new era for us at QleanAir, with a clear mission to get more people to understand the importance of clean and healthy indoor air. For example, QleanAirs’ air cleaners have the capacity to capture up to 99.995% of the virus particles, and to protect people from inhaling harmful particles causing lung diseases.

“We hope this concept will help us shine a light on clean indoor air and what difference air cleaning can do for people’s health – this is why QleanAir exists; to protect people from harmful and polluted air.”

Henrik Fernsund, CMO at QleanAir Scandinavia

The new concept, The QleanAir Difference, consists of a new logo, a new website, and an updated brand profile to be launched internationally. Parallel to the new brand strategy, the ongoing product development process at QleanAir has been intense, with the launch of a new monitoring system just around the corner.

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Henrik Fernsund, CMO
Phone: +46 702 68 57 47

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