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Colly Flowtech’s new cleanroom creates new business opportunities

Colly Flowtech’s new business area Ultrapure has seen a huge demand for compact single-use products from customers in LifeScience, pharma and Biotech. Their new cleanroom from QleanAir has given the company a whole new flexibility, speed, and the opportunity to build prototypes.

Colly Flowtech is a complete supplier of pumps, hoses, filtration systems, and sensors to the Swedish industry, for example within food, chemical, paper and pulp. In recent years, they have also niched themselves with single use products towards LifeScience, pharma and BioTech through the business area Ultrapure.

These customers often work with the production of biological medicines under GMP regulations on microbial growth with high demands on hygiene. They need high-quality products at a set lead time. Common for all Colly Flowtech customers are high demands on hygiene, safety, and above all quality.

“Thanks to this new cleanroom, we have the speed,
flexibility and ability to innovate that the market requires”

– Max Malm, Sales Manager at Colly Flowtech Ultrapure

The parent company Indutrade in the Netherlands has a large and modern cleanroom where most of the products are manufactured. They do not have the possibility to handle smaller series with co-packaged products, fast deliveries, and prototype construction, which are increasingly in demand. Therefore, they decided to build their own cleanroom in Sweden.

“Thanks to this new cleanroom, we have a flexibility that not many competitors have in Sweden and above all that we did not have before,” says Max Malm, sales manager for Colly Flowtech Ultrapure. During the corona pandemic, we noticed that the market required speed, flexibility, and the ability to innovate to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, where we have contributed.”

Max Malm chose QleanAir because sales representative Lars Strandljung understood the business and its needs and presented a good solution:

“QleanAir build modularly, which gave us the opportunity to quickly and easily expand our cleanroom if needed,” says Max Malm. We have just done that. In addition, we were able to continue using the cleanroom during the expansion. QleanAir was also able to meet the tight schedule we had.”

Colly Flowtech and QleanAir have worked closely together throughout the process of design, construction, validation, and classification of the cleanroom. QleanAir has also been involved in writing certain work instructions. In addition, QleanAir has supplied freestanding air cleaners that have been placed outside the cleanroom to further improve its performance.

“The next step for us will be to increase capacity in line with growing demand. The market is extremely unsaturated with products that are manufactured in cleanrooms, Max Malm concludes.”

About Colly Flowtech

Colly Flowtech is represented in seven locations in Sweden and is part of listed Indutrade AB.

Indutrade AB consist of more than 200 companies in 30 countries that produce and/or sell industrial products.

Indutrade have a turnover of approximately SEK 19 billion per year and over 7000 employees.

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