With a significant impact on health, performance, and quality, there are few things as important as clean air. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, we know the difference that it can truly make.

For over three decades we have been working at the forefront of air cleaning, with a team of experts who strive to provide the best service and solutions. We work tirelessly to ensure we always stay one step ahead. And to set the bar for air cleaning innovations into the future, we never settle.

As the world changes and our technology evolves, our focus remains the same: indoor air as it should be.
This is the QleanAir difference.

Problem areas

QleanAir’s cleanrooms efficiently tackles the challenges of compounding hazardous drugs, minimizing bioburden and contamination of products while complying to ISO, USP and FDA cGMP standards.

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Application areas

QleanAir’s cleanrooms are suitable for a wide range of applications. From compounding drugs to production and packing of medicine, MedTech products, electronics, and optics.

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QleanAir offers customizable and flexible turnkey cleanrooms for aseptic applications. They will be tailor made for your specific needs for size, options, and classification.

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QleanAir was founded in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden. We have over 150 employees and partners, 3 000 customers on four continents in over 30 countries.

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Service offering

All our cleanroom come with a full-service offering. Consultation, design, installation, service, and functional guarantee are all included in our hassle-free solutions.

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Read about what is happening at QleanAir, customer cases and insights around air quality.

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