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Premiere of QleanAir Connect and FS 90 Ceiling

Our first installation of FS 90 Ceiling with a prototype of our new monitoring system QleanAir Connect was completed in December 2021. The customer is one of Sweden’s largest grocery logistics organizations who recently upgraded to QleanAir, because our air cleaners deliver more clean air with fewer units. The new monitoring system was a great bonus that has already proven useful.
The customer manages the purchases, logistics and warehouses for one of Sweden’s largest grocery retailers with stores all over the country and online. They have warehouses and logistics centers in 10+ locations in Sweden and have been using air cleaners for a long time to ensure the air quality and workplace environment.

More clean air with fewer units

We replaced their old fleet with fewer units, delivering 27% more air. Now we have installed 32 FS 90 Ceiling and four floor standing FS 70. On ceiling mounted units, it is harder to see alarms and changing settings requires a sky lift. As the new monitoring system QleanAir Connect was on its way, we believed that this was a good candidate for a pilot where we could bring strong value to the customer.

Pilot installment with great value delivered directly

The solution that we have in place is just a prototype, but it already delivers great value. As of December 2021, all FS 90 Ceiling units are online, and we can follow their performance in real-time and historically. How they are doing, amount of clean air delivered, power consumption, fan speed and temperature. This was useful already after a couple of days when we were able to discover and fix one unit that had to work harder to produce the required airflow than the others due to closed vents on one side.

QleanAir Connect – smart air quality control

QleanAir Connect monitors and controls your air cleaner’s performance and status. Performance and operations can be optimized and automized to ensure that you have the best working environment for your people, processes, and products. Key metrics for air cleaner performance and indoor air quality with regards to health and safety, regulatory demands, and sustainability targets can be tracked. Alarms and notifications go directly to QleanAir who can monitor, support, and control the fleet remotely. The QleanAir Connect interface can be customized for your needs and will in the future be possible to embed via API into your building of facility management system.

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