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Launch of three VDI-compliant air cleaning solutions

QleanAir launches three air cleaning solutions, compliant with the new VDI expert recommendation for mobile air cleaners reducing aerosol-borne viruses and bacteria. The new recommendation is intended to make it easy to choose an air cleaner that is guaranteed to create a good indoor air quality (IAQ), reducing aerosol levels in the room by 90% within 30 minutes in a safe and comfortable way.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a large demand for air cleaners in German schools, where ventilation systems often are missing. Air cleaners were subsidized by local governments and were purchased in large quantities, sometimes with varying levels of performance. This prompted the Association of German Engineers (VDI) to publish the expert recommendation VDI-EE 4300-14 in September 2021, which is expected to be adopted into DIN and the European standards.

The expert recommendation contains a multitude of criteria for air cleaners of which six are key: capability for aerosol reduction, airflow, sound level, room comfort, generation of biproducts and safety:

  • The air cleaner must be able to reduce aerosol levels in the room by 90% within 30 minutes
  • The unit must fulfill the aerosol reduction requirement at a low sound level, not to disturb concentration or comfort. 35 dB(A) for classrooms in schools, 45 dB(A) in large space open offices
  • The air cleaner must, together with the ventilation system, produce a minimum of four air exchanges per hour in the room
  • The air delivery from the unit must not create discomforting turbulence in the room
  • The unit must not produce high levels of biproducts in the room. An example of such a biproduct is ozone, which is commonly generated when applying UV-C, ionization or plasma.
  • The unit must resist vandalism and unauthorized changes of settings

Three VDI-compliant air cleaning solutions for schools, offices, and other shared spaces

Today, QleanAir launches a set of accessories to make QleanAir FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 Standard compliant with the new VDI expert recommendation VDI-EE 4300-14 for schools. This is the strictest application of the standard of which sound levels cannot be higher than 35 dB(A). Furthermore, FS 70 HEPA, with the set of accessories, fulfill the standard for offices, conference centers and alike. Customers that have bought these air cleaners in the past can retrofit their air cleaners with the new accessories to comply with the new VDI expert recommendation.

The QleanAir FS 30 HEPA already has the desired airflow, efficiency, and sound level required by the standard when placing air cleaners in schools. The new VDI-kit reinforces the unit against vandalism and unauthorized changes of settings.

The QleanAir FS 70 Standard has the desired airflow capacity from the start. The new accessories Adjustable Air Outlet (AAO) and Sound-safe Front (SSF) ensure vandalism protection, low sound level and airflow according to the new VDI expert recommendation. The same is true for the FS 70 HEPA, that with the new accessories fulfill the criteria for offices.

Efficient against viruses and bacteria, but also pollen, combustion particles and dust

The air cleaners QleanAir FS 30 HEPA, FS 70 Standard and FS 70 HEPA are all highly efficient in reducing aerosol-borne transmission of viruses and bacteria, but also against other common pollutants in public spaces. Environments like schools, offices, conference centers and other shared spaces often experience challenges with pollutants such as pollen, combustion particles and dust, something the air cleaners from QleanAir can help tackle. To ensure performance over time, not just at installation, all air cleaners from QleanAir come with our unique Lifetime Performance Guarantee and a full-service agreement.

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