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QleanAir has received information that BankInvest via funds now owns a total of 1,629,903 shares in QleanAir corresponding to 10.97% of the number of shares and votes in the company (10.81% after full dilution).

Bankinvest via funds is, based on Euroclear data per December 31, 2020, the company’s second largest shareholder after Qevirp 41 Ltd (Priveq). The total number of shares in QleanAir amounts to 14,859,200 (15,082,088 after full dilution).

About BankInvest
BandInvest was founded in 1969 and is owned by a number of local and country-wide banks. BankInvest’s funds can be traded via all of Denmark’s banks, more information is available at 

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