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What QleanAir can offer

We know the difference that air quality can make to the overall health and effectiveness of people, products, and processes. We also understand the sense of security that comes when an individual knows they are breathing clean air. Therefore, we work every day to understand the needs of our customers and deliver unparalleled air cleaning solutions that allow us to make a real difference.

QleanAir solutions

Problem areas

We have freestanding air cleaning solutions covering most air quality challenges – from the finest particles like viruses and bacteria, to pollen and mold, and to coarse dust generated from sawing and heavy metallurgical processes.

When you need an extra clean environment to ensure the quality of your products, you need a cleanroom. Whether it is a cleanroom classified by ISO, USP, GMP, or FDA cGMP Standards, we can help you.

Where there are people, there are smokers. We have solutions to help you create clean, efficient and odorless environments for all kinds of purposes.

Application areas

Our air cleaning solutions ensure healthy and safe environments for employees and visitors in offices, conference centers, hotels, restaurants, schools, healthcare and care facilities. In production industries, logistics centers and warehouses and within the food & beverage industry, our solutions ensure good air quality to benefit not only employee health, but also the quality of products and the effectiveness of processes.

We also provide the pharmaceutical industry, MedTech companies, compounding pharmacies, and sensitive production industries like optics and electronics with customizable turnkey cleanrooms. Having an aseptic environment guarantees product quality and technical cleanliness during the development, production, sterilization, and storage of products.

In all the above-mentioned businesses, we provide freestanding smoking cabins for protection against secondhand smoke, both for employees and visitors. We also have smoking solutions for shopping malls, casinos, offshore facilities such as oil platforms, offshore, cruise ships and shipping, high security facilities and institutions such as prisons, psychiatric wards, banks and governmental buildings.


QleanAir provides a wide range of air cleaning solutions for professional environments in three product categories. Freestanding Air Cleaners to improve the air in various facilities, Cabin Solutions for protection against secondhand smoke and Cleanrooms for aseptic spaces.

All our air cleaning solutions are based on our multi-stage mechanical filtration technology, with a one-shot filtration philosophy. We capture the pollutants on the first go without any housing leakage. Most of our solutions are customizable, freestanding and independent of the surrounding environment.


We offer our solutions hassle-free as a service – with needs analysis, solution design, installation, service, and maintenance included. We call it the freedom of clean air.