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Extraordinary general meeting held in QleanAir AB

Today, an extraordinary general meeting was held in QleanAir AB (the “Company”). In accordance with the proposal presented in the notice to attend the meeting and the board of director’s complete proposal (both of which have been held available at the Company’s website, the meeting resolved on a long-term incentive programme for the Company’s CEO by way of an issue of no more than 445,776 warrants directed to the Company and approval of the subsequent transfer of the warrants from the Company to the CEO against payment of a premium corresponding to the theoretical market value of the warrants as of the date of transfer, to be calculated by an independent valuation agent engaged by the Company by use of the Black & Scholes valuation model. Each warrant entitles to subscription of one new share in the Company during the period from and including 1 April 2026 until and including 31 October 2026 against payment of an exercise price of SEK 40 per each new share. The warrants are governed by customary terms and conditions including a possible adjustment of the exercise price and the number of new shares each warrant entitles to subscription of, respectively, in the event of certain events involving the Company.

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