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QleanAir announces a major renewal order from the Finnish prison sector

QleanAir Holding AB (publ), the premium supplier of solutions for clean indoor air, announces a major renewal order from the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Authority. The order is worth approximately 150 TEUR and is made on behalf of all closed prisons in Finland.

QleanAir has been a supplier to the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Authority since 2014 regarding solutions for cleaning tobacco smoke. The new order concerns the closed prisons in Finland and consists for the most part of renewed contracts but also of new contracts. The contract is written from quarter three over 12 months with the possibility of extension for two years and has an estimated order value of 150 TEUR per year.

– “This order is proof of the value we deliver in Finnish prisons. Our solutions create a safe, odorless, and healthy environment for staff and non-smokers”, says Kurt Granholm, Account Manager for QleanAir Finland.

The procurements from the Criminal Sanctions Authority in Finland have been highly competitive over the years, but in this year's procurement QleanAir was the sole supplier due to the high requirements. QleanAir also delivers air cleaning solutions to inpatient care and open prisons throughout Finland.

– “For more than 20 years, Kurt Granholm has helped our customers create a healthier environment for their employees in Finland. Kurt is one of our great role models at QleanAir, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO of QleanAir.

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