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QleanAir announces that Karolinska University Hospital choses freestanding HEPA-14 air cleaners to protect staff

QleanAir Holding AB (publ), the premium provider of solutions for indoor air cleaning, announces that the collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital has been renewed. During the first outbreak of the corona pandemic, a close collaboration was initiated at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and Huddinge to protect the staff in their intensive care units. In December, additional units of air cleaners with HEPA 14 filters will be delivered.

Karolinska University Hospital is one of Europe's leading university hospitals and leads the development of medical breakthroughs together with Karolinska Institute, one of the world's leading medical universities. In connection with the outbreak of Covid-19, Karolinska University Hospital needed air cleaners as a complement to protective gear and ventilation. QleanAir Scandinavia was chosen as a partner since our FS solutions met the hospital's high demands on certified HEPA 14 filter, high air flow and quiet operation. During the spring, 63 units were installed in several intensive care units at Karolinska in Solna and Huddinge. Now, during the second wave of the corona pandemic, the ICU is again flooded with covid-19 patients. QleanAir has been re-selected as a partner and another 14 units are ordered, both FS 70 HEPA and the new FS30 HEPA.

“During the first wave of the corona pandemic, the intensive care unit at Karolinska University Hospital rapidly reached a high occupancy level of patients. As a complement to protective gear and ventilation, they used air cleaners from QleanAir to protect the staff around patients treated with high-flow oxygen. Our measurements so far show that our FS solutions with HEPA filters dramatically reduce particle levels in the care environment”, comments Christina Lindstedt, Chief Executive Officer of QleanAir.

After the first wave was over, QleanAir installed air cleaners in waiting rooms and children emergency wards. The result from our internal performance measurement before and after installation once again proved a considerable reduction of particles.

Through the corona pandemic, Karolinska University Hospital has gained a new awareness of the importance of air quality. They will continue use free standing air cleaners as a complement to protective gear and ventilation, to protect employees from virus, bacteria and other hazardous particles in the air.

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