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QleanAir enters new market segment in Japan

QleanAir AB (publ), the premium provider of solutions for clean indoor air, announces its first two orders from the production industry in Japan for industrial air cleaners.

QleanAir announces its first two orders from the production industry in Japan for the industrial air cleaner QleanAir FS 70. The first order is a six-year contract signed with a carbon filter producer in Kyoto and the second order is a three-year contract signed with a chemical processing plant in Tokyo. Both companies want to improve their indoor air for their employees for safety purposes.

– This is a major break-through on the Japanese market, that we expect will contribute to the continued growth for QleanAir in Japan, says Christina Lindstedt, Chief Executive Officer, QleanAir.

QleanAir is the market leader in Japan within Cabin Solutions and are very strong in the office segment. QleanAir’s activity in Japan was extended to Air Cleaners during 2021, which has been received very well. Their freestanding air cleaners with HEPA 14 filters have been widely used to protect office staff from the corona virus and to create an overall better indoor air quality. Breaking into the production industry in Japan for the first time is a significant event in QleanAir’s history.

We are proud to contribute to workplace health and safety in new market segments, says Glen Shimizu, Managing Director, QleanAir Japan. This will pave the way for additional business opportunities on the Japanese market.

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