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QleanAir in the US signs three new cleanroom contracts in two days, totaling approximately $510,000

QleanAir, the provider of solutions for clean indoor air, has signed agreements with three different customers for three different cleanrooms sales in the US. All three rooms are planned to be built by the end of Q4, 2023.

QleanAir in the US, is dedicated to helping its customers protect people, products, and processes through cleanrooms that meet and exceed USP (United States Pharmacopeia) guidelines and maintain a compliant state of control. To that end, three hospital systems have signed individual agreements with QleanAir Scandinavia Inc., USA.

To stay compliant with the new USP revisions while allowing for future modification of the cleanroom’s floorplan, the healthcare systems signed contracts that total approximately $510,000. One customer is a new customer to QleanAir while the other two have previously purchased over 10 cleanrooms from QleanAir in the past.

 “We strive to be a go-to solution for our partners. When hospitals need new cleanrooms and wish to feel confident that they will have a cleanroom space to compound drugs safely and consistently, we want them to look to QleanAir. Our goal is to provide purpose-built cleanroom solutions that comply with regulatory standards and offer exceptional and hassle-free performance throughout the life of the cleanroom,” says Zachary Douglas, President of QleanAir Scandinavia Inc. “We take that goal very seriously.”

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