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QleanAir launch new quiet air cleaner for offices and public spaces to secure a healthy indoor climate in times of corona

QleanAir Holding AB (publ), the niche premium provider of clean indoor environments, announces that as a result of the covid-19 outbreak and the growing need for air purifying solutions, the company now launches an air cleaner specialized to filter air in public indoor spaces. The new solution is specialized to support environments such as schools, offices, care facilities and hotels with high air quality.

This spring, the days changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic outbreak. Companies and institutions have adapted to the new situation and introduced new routines to secure everyone’s health and wellbeing.

In the light of covid-19, QleanAir now launches their latest innovation. The air cleaner, FS 30, is designed specifically for offices and public indoor spaces to ensure people's health and safety by providing a high quality of air purifying. With this launch, QleanAir aims to support organizations and their employees on the transition back to the workplace. 

“Organizations need to address ’the new normal’ in order to prepare for the future. At QleanAir, we want to be a part of the solution and help our clients create a safe environment for their employees. We are really proud to launch our FS 30 air cleaner that we have produced in a close dialogue with the healthcare sector”, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO at QleanAir.

With the launch of FS 30 we are also entering the market in Japan. 

“This is a very interesting phase for QleanAir. During many years we have developed a very strong customer base within the office segment in Japan for our Cabin Solutions. As part of our growth journey we are now introducing our state of the art air cleaners within Facility Solutions to the Japanese market. By adding our air cleaning solutions with HEPA 14 filtration in the office environment and in public spaces, our customers can provide a more safe and healthier working environment to their employees and reduce the risk for spreading of viruses. The FS30 is a great example of this”, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO, QleanAir. 

The new air cleaner, FS 30, is provided with HEPA 14 filter which is normally used to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria and other pollutants in sensitive environments, with a filtering guarantee of 99,995 percent. The new air cleaner is mobile and quiet, making it suitable for any workplace, including classrooms, healthcare and meeting rooms, requiring a high level of concentration.

In shared spaces where many people normally come and go over a day, employers need to secure a safe and healthy indoor environment and in times of uncertainty, it is important to have accurate information about the impact of air cleaning.

“Air cleaners will not eliminate the virus, but they can stop the virus from spreading in a room and if done right, they will efficiently improve air quality over time. Therefore, air cleaning solutions should be included in employers' health strategy to ensure a high indoor air quality at the workplace”, says Anders Hedström, global leading expert within air filtration and advisor for the WHO.

QleanAir FS 30 is now available for order and will mainly be sold in Europe and Japan. All of QleanAir´s products are offered through a rental or purchasing model that provides clean air of high quality over time. Air purification as a service includes performance guarantee and comfort such as installation, servicing and filter changes included.

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