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QleanAir launches new quiet and energy-efficient air cleaner meeting tough quality requirements

QleanAir (publ), the premium supplier of solutions for clean indoor air, launches a new mobile air cleaner, QleanAir FS 35. It is developed in close dialogue with the healthcare sector to meet their high demands and new tough quality requirements for air cleaners from the German engineering association VDI.

Today, Swedish QleanAir launches a new mobile air cleaner adapted for healthcare environments, schools, offices, and other public environments. The QleanAir FS 35 is a successor to the predecessor FS 30, and like it, it was designed in close cooperation with the healthcare sector, to respond to their high demands for high airflow, HEPA-filtered air and quiet operation.

– We notice an increased demand for clean air and want to help more people improve their indoor air quality. Therefore, in dialogue with customers, we have tested how we can improve the air in different types of environments, which has led to us now being able to launch a brand-new air cleaner, designed to make a difference where it is most needed, says Sebastian Lindström, CEO at QleanAir.

The air cleaner comes in four different configurations adapted to different environments, including one variant that quickly captures and degrades viruses and bacteria using nanotechnology.

– Every day new reports are released on the importance of clean air for health and cognitive ability in the short and long term. And now in tripledemic times with corona, RS and influenza where hospitals are forced into staff mode, the need for clean air is greater than ever, continues Sebastian Lindström.

The QleanAir FS 35 is one of few air cleaners on the market that has been developed to meet the new German expert recommendation from the VDI for air cleaners. It ensures, for example, that the air cleaner is child-proof and reduces particle levels in the room by 90% within 30 minutes, without disturbing noise levels or turbulence.

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