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QleanAir signs new $503,000 agreement with a large east coast IDN for an investigational drug cleanroom

QleanAir Scandinavia, the provider of solutions for clean indoor air, has signed an agreement with a large university hospital system on the east coast to build a large, investigational drug cleanroom. The project is planned for Q1 of 2024.

QleanAir is dedicated to helping its customers protect people, products, and processes through cleanrooms that meet and exceed USP (United States Pharmacopeia) guidelines and maintain a compliant state of control.  To that end, a large university hospital system on the east coast has signed an agreement with QleanAir.

To stay compliant with the new USP revisions while allowing for future modification of the cleanroom’s floorplan, the healthcare system signed a $503,000 agreement with QleanAir to build an investigational drug cleanroom suite which planned to be built in 2024. This is one of several QleanAir cleanroom projects purchased by this customer.

 “Our mission is to provide high-quality, purpose-built cleanroom solutions that comply with regulatory standards and offer exceptional performance,” says Amanda Myers, Chief Commercial Officer of QleanAir Scandinavia Inc. We do not take our commitment to healthcare or the trusted partnerships of our customers for granted.

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