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QleanAir’s air cleaning solutions now meet new tough requirements from German VDI – strengthens position in schools and offices

QleanAir, the premium provider of solutions for clean indoor air, launches three air cleaning solutions compliant with the new expert recommendations from VDI for schools and offices. That makes QleanAir one of the few suppliers to comply to the difficult demands, which furthers strengthens its position in the market.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a large demand for air cleaners in German schools and offices, that were purchased in large quantities, sometimes with varying levels of performance. This prompted the Association of German Engineers (VDI) to publish the expert recommendation VDI-EE 4300-14, to help organizations make an informed choice.

The recommendation states that air cleaners must reduce particle levels in the room by 90 percent within 30 minutes in a comfortable and safe way. QleanAir today launches three air cleaning solutions that comply with the strict criteria of the new recommendation, as one of the few suppliers in the market. In public and other procurement in German speaking markets, it is common to use the VDI recommendations as requirements. VDI is highly respected in Europe and their recommendations are expected to be adopted into DIN and European standards.

This strengthens our position on the German market even further. We expect this to open even more business opportunities within schools and offices in Germany and all over Europe, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO of QleanAir.

QleanAir entered the German market 20 years ago and is well established in cabin solutions and air cleaners for production industry, logistic centers, and warehouses. During the corona pandemic, the company developed new products targeted towards healthcare, schools, offices, and other public spaces. Today, QleanAir has air cleaners installed at more than 75 German schools.

– We are welcoming the new expert recommendation that we hope will raise the standards of air cleaning. It is good to see the public sector in the forefront when it comes to protecting people's health and we are looking forward to providing more people in schools and offices with clean and healthy air, says Christina Lindstedt.

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