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Study shows that QleanAir air cleaner remove over 95% of viruses in 10 minutes

QleanAir AB (publ), the premium supplier of solutions for clean indoor air, announces the results of a new study on virus particle reduction. The study was performed by Sendai Medical Center in Japan and shows that QleanAir’s FS 30 air cleaner removes over 95% of viruses in only 10 minutes.

Air cleaners has become a common tool in fighting viruses during the pandemic, therefor QleanAir wanted to investigate how effective they are against virus aerosols. A joint study conducted by Sendai Medical Center and QleanAir Japan, has succeeded in measuring this. The result show that the air cleaner removed over 95% of the airborne virus particles in just 10 minutes. As a comparison, the reduction requirement in the new German VDI guidelines is 90% in 30 minutes.

– The study results support the importance of choosing an air cleaner with the right technology and filter, that quickly reduces infectious aerosols. The fact that our technology can clean air in such a short time without disturbing sound or turbulence means continued opportunities for us to make a difference in sensitive environments, such as hospitals, schools, offices and hotels, where efficient air cleaning is in high demand, says Sebastian Lindström, CEO of QleanAir.

The study was conducted in a secure test chamber. Active viruses was distributed with an aerosol generator and captured with the mobile air cleaner QleanAir FS 30 equipped with two different main filters, HEPA 14 and EPA 11. It took only 10 minutes to remove over 95% of the virus particles from the air with the air cleaner. Without the air cleaner, the particle reduction was only 16,9%. After 20 minutes approximately 99.9% were eliminated and after 30 minutes, over 99.99%. The FS 30 equipped with the EPA 11 filter reached 99.9% and 99.99% particle reduction slightly faster because of its higher airflow.

– The study shows what difference an air cleaner equipped with a high-performance, certified mechanical filter can have on air quality. We also found that the QleanAir FS 30 equipped with an EPA 11 filter performed slightly better than the HEPA 14, but that the performance of the air cleaner is decisive to indoor air quality, says Glen Shimizu, Head of Sales Japan & MD QAS K.K.

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