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Solutions / Application areas

Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry faces several challenges regarding ensuring a controlled environment in its production and testing facilities. Satellites contaminated with particles can result in significant quality deviations. This means that production and testing environments require very low particle levels to maintain high technical cleanliness.

At QleanAir, we have developed air filtration concepts for both production and testing facilities as well as storage of sensitive equipment through close collaboration with our customers in the aerospace industry. With our high technical expertise, we provide unique solutions tailored to any specific need.


In our partnerships, we drive technical innovation in the aerospace industry, leveraging our extensive expertise in air quality management. Proudly offering tailored air cleaning solutions, we meet strict requirements. These solutions feature advanced multi-stage filtration technology, effectively minimizing airborne particles.

We offer a range of solutions, including flexible cleanrooms, mobile filter units, and customizable options tailored to specific needs. These alternatives provide cost-effectiveness and flexibility compared to building a traditional stick-built cleanroom, while maintaining rigorous cleanliness standards. Our clean zones act as protective barriers, ensuring hardware safety by preventing contamination.

The QleanAir Difference

Whether it's addressing challenges in the aerospace industry or other sectors, our comprehensive approach covers services such as dimensioning, installation, product service and functional upgrades. Through close collaboration with the customer, we develop specialized air filtration concepts for production facilities and sensitive equipment storage.

With our own R&D department, proven concepts and rigorous testing of our solutions, we can offer tailormade solutions to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. All within a strict cost control and short lead time.