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Improved sustainability with better air quality

Food waste accounts for 10% of all greenhouse gases and is very costly. The planet, grocers and food chains all have everything to gain from avoiding it. Reducing mold spores and dust in the air ensures product quality and shelf life. Improved air quality also creates a better working environment and benefits equipment such as cooling systems, ventilation, and forklifts. All in all, air quality has a tremendous impact on overall sustainability.

Sustainability, quality, and affordability

One of QleanAir’s customers is a large food retailer with over 200 stores all over Sweden and three central warehouses. The warehouses provide all stores in Sweden with goods, a process developed to be as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible. The food retailer focuses on sustainability and quality without losing the low prices. With climate-smart and environmentally certified stores, streamlined logistics and solid sustainability, the food retailer demonstrates its commitment to quality and environment, where an important step was the installation of air cleaners.

“With air cleaners we have a healthier working environment: fruit and vegetables have better durability, ventilation and cooling works better.”

A temporary installment became permanent

The first contact with QleanAir occurred in 2014, when demand for air cleaning came in connection with a rebuilding of one of the warehouses. “During a rebuilding of a warehouse in progress, a lot of dust spreads in the air, which lays on the goods. We therefore sought a solution for air cleaning and came into contact with QleanAir Scandinavia. We reviewed the market and conducted a solid procurement. QleanAir Scandinavia made a very good impression and after an evaluation we felt that they were best at delivering the highest quality at the best price”, says the Logistics Manager at the warehouse. The air cleaners were installed temporarily for the rebuilding, but the difference was so big and the benefits so obvious that the food retailer decided to install air cleaners permanently in two out of three warehouses.

An investment with short payback time

The warehouse that was extended to over 54 000 m², have now over 15 air cleaners that create and indoor environment that benefits both products, people, and equipment. Thanks to air cleaners in the fruit and vegetable department, the goods last longer as the risk of mold spores has been drastically reduced. In the refrigeration and freezing department, they experience a reduced need for service on the cooling fans. In staff rooms and administrative areas, the indoor air is healthier for staff, despite printers and hard-working equipment.

“Overall, we have a much better indoor environment in the warehouse. Our ventilation and cooling systems work better, cleaning is easier, we have a better working environment and there is no dust on the goods, which can therefore be delivered clean and fresh to our stores. After a long collaboration with QleanAir we can definitely recommend them to other companies. They are professional and pleasant and offer efficient solutions tailored to the business.”

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