Logistics & warehouses

When it comes to industrial environments such as warehouses and logistics centers, there are several challenges regarding air quality that need to be considered. With large volumes of pallets, boxes, crates, and packages being handled daily in these spaces, comes lots of forklift traffic and deliveries. Then there’s the fact that cardboard boxes, rubber, and other packaging materials release airborne particles of their own, while also trapping moisture out of the air. There are also smokers at almost any workplace. Thankfully, all these challenges can be solved by using the right air cleaner for each facility’s specific situation.



The high levels of dust from cardboard and wood, from handling boxes and pallets, as well as from concrete and rubber generated from forklift tires turning on concrete floors, are big problems in these industrial spaces, both for the people who work there and the inventory that is used and stored there.

Mold due to high humidity, leaks, and dampness, exhaust fumes from the trucks at the loading docks as well as the forklifts in the warehouse, dust and smoke from large entrances to the loading docks, also contaminate the air in these spaces, increasing the risk of having health issues such as irritated airways and long-term respiratory diseases. Few of these spaces have ventilation systems adapted to the activities that take place in the premises. All of this results in staff getting sick and machinery being clogged, negatively affecting both the working environment and the business.

When working at a warehouse or a logistics center, the closest outside smoking area is often far away, inconveniencing the smokers and decreasing productivity.

Gases & odors​
Combustion particles ​ ​
Indoor smoke


The versatile air cleaner FS 90 is designed specifically for large industrial environments like warehouses, logistics centers, and production facilities and is one of the most powerful air cleaners available. Thanks to FS 90 being equipped with flexible mounting technology, it can be ceiling-mounted in facilities with limited floor space. For more limited spaces our FS 70 Extra Capacity and FS 70 Pocket Filter can also help reduce dust, mold, combustion particles, and other particles, improving the air quality in the facility.

To accomodate smokers, we recommend the S-Line S 60 smoking cabin with our patented fireproof ash handling system.

All our air cleaners use multi-stage mechanical air cleaning to capture the air contaminants in the facility, creating a healthier work environment, a cleaner facility, and reducing the machinery’s downtime.


Less maintenance and machine malfunctions


Cleaner products, satisfied customers

Increased productivity thanks
to shorter smoke breaks

The QleanAir

We deliver our solutions hassle-free as a service. We take care of installation, service, upgrades, ensure compliance to regulations, and future-proof the solution. We deliver the freedom of clean air – so you can focus on what really matters.

Recommended products

QleanAir FS 70
QleanAir FS 70

QleanAir FS 70 Extra Capacity

A versatile and efficient air cleaner with extra capacity for industrial applications.

QleanAir FS 90 Ceiling

A powerful air cleaner, specially developed for logistics centers and warehouses.

QleanAir FS 70 Pocket Filter

Maximum dust holding capacity for environments with high particle load.

QleanAir S 60

An effecient, silent and hassle-free smoking solution for environments with high demands on safety.