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Dust is inevitable in most facilities, but in spaces where pallets, boxes, crates, or parcels are being shuffled around, or where processes like grinding, cutting, and polishing are taking place, there are huge amounts of dust being produced. In many industrial environments, the air is so contaminated with dust particles that dust clouds are visible inside the facility. This often means difficulties reaching the standards for technical cleanliness, product quality challenges, production being disrupted due to machinery malfunction, and health issues for employees. Dust contamination can also lead to increased costs for cleaning, heating and cooling.


By using any of our FS 30, FS 70, or FS 90 products, you will be able to improve the air quality in your facilities, ensuring a healthier and safer work environment for your employees. By significantly reducing the number of dust particles in the air, the risk of employees getting sick and having time off from work, or even getting long-term respiratory issues, is significantly reduced as well, resulting in increased productivity.

Improved air quality also reduces the risk of product contamination, increasing the lifespan and quality of the products. It also reduces the risk of machines clogging or malfunctioning, and leads to less downtime and lower maintenance cost. That means less downtime and lower cost for maintenance.