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Solutions / Application areas

Food & beverage production

Whether you are in the business of preparation or production of food or beverages, cleanliness is a must to ensure product safety and high quality. Indoor air quality is a significant factor in the safety, quality, and shelf life of your products, as well as the health of your workers. There are many hygiene standards to consider, meant to safeguard your products, protect staff and consumers, and help your businesses avoid costly setbacks. We have several solutions for all these challenges, as well as for smokers.


Every detail in the FS 70 Food Grade series was designed in close collaboration with the food and beverage industry to be compliant towards leading hygienic standards. Powerful, energy-efficient, and quiet, with corrosion resistant stainless steel, sealed chassis, surfaces without cavities, and rounded edges for easy cleaning. Particles are captured using multistage filters placed directly inside the grid to prevent buildup inside the unit before cleaned air is returned. Several filter configurations and outlet accessories are available to create a custom fit solution for every need.

FS 70 Extra Capacity and FS 90 Standard are also suitable when more dust holding capacity is needed.

S 60 is one of the smoking solutions that we recommend to shorten smoking breaks and increase productivity.

The QleanAir Difference

We deliver our solutions hassle-free as a service. We customize the solution to your needs by conducting measurements and testing. We take care of installation, service, upgrades, ensure compliance to regulations, and future-proof the solution. We deliver the freedom of clean air – so you can focus on what really matters.