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QleanAir launches IoT-platform to measure, control and improve air quality in real-time

QleanAir, the premium provider of solutions for clean indoor air, launches IoT-platform QleanAir Connect to further help organizations to improve air quality at the workplace. By connecting Air cleaners to the cloud, customers gain a better understanding and full control of their indoor air quality in real-time.

The new IoT-platform is an important and innovative step in QleanAir’s product roadmap. The platform is particularly beneficial for larger industries that need to manage their indoor air quality with large fleets of air cleaners, such as warehouses and production facilities. The cloud-based system gives instant insights of connected units’ status and the possibility to measure, control and improve the air quality in real-time. With an automatic alarm function, it removes unnecessary administration and operations. And by running air cleaners on demand, it is possible to save energy while optimizing operations. 

– “We are proud to announce the launch of QleanAir Connect as organizations today have higher expectations and ambitions on air quality. With the new IoT platform we are entering a new era, making it possible for large organizations to secure a healthy indoor air for all employees with minimum effort and improved service quality”, says Christina Lindstedt, CEO at QleanAir. 

Our products are engineered to be eco-friendly with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee, which means that QleanAir maintains the product to ensure function and performance over time. With the new IoT platform QleanAir will further improve this service quality. Customers will be able to monitor, optimize and track performance in real-time as well as collect historical data analyses and to ease the administration of data for ESG disclosures. In addition, QleanAir will be able to use the data for continuous product improvements and service development.

The new connectivity will initially be available with two of the most widely used air cleaners; FS 70 and FS 90. The IoT platform is already live and available and will shortly be fully available for integration to existing facility and building management systems.
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