QleanAir SF 6000 X

An efficient smoking
cabin for larger

SF 6000 X is a space efficient yet roomy smoking cabin with place for up to six smokers at a time. The highly efficient intake captures the smoke before it is able to spread, protecting non-smokers without inconveniencing smokers. This means that it not only protects non-smokers, but also creates a safer and more pleasant environment to reside in. The smoking cabin is suitable for any environment where there is frequent smoking, for example, restaurants, offices, hotels, conference centers, healthcare facilities, production facilities, and shopping malls.


Key components of the SF 6000 X smoking cabin solution

  • Multi-stage filtration and preventive service ensure function and efficient air cleaning over time
  • HEPA 14 and ePM1 65% (F7) filters, classified according to EN 1822/ISO 16890, and multiple layers of activated carbon classified by EN 1822 standard
  • Capacity of six simultaneous smokers and up to 9000 cigarettes/service interval and airflow up to 1050 m3/h
  • Quiet operation, <30-47 db(A)
  • Space efficient yet roomy design
  • Clean, odorless, and fireproof with our patented ash handling system (AHS)
  • Operates independently of ventilation, using regular power socket
  • Delivered as a service, hassle-free installation, service and Lifetime Performance Guarantee included

Recommended areas
of application

SF 6000 X has been developed for spaces where there is frequent smoking, such as offices, hotels, conference centers, healthcare facilities, production facilities, and shopping malls. SF 6000 X is designed to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke, creating a pleasant indoor environment free from odors. In shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants, you often have to leave the premises to smoke. In workplaces, smoke breaks are often quite long since the smokers have to get to a designated smoking area. These types of challenges are all easily solved with our smoking cabins, enabling increased productivity, and creating a pleasant, healthy and safe environment to reside in.

Indoor tobacco smoke
Offices, conferences & schools
Shopping malls
Hotels, casinos & restaurants


The SF 6000 X smoking cabin protects non-smokers from secondhand smoke. The indoor air quality in the facility where it is placed is also improved, and odors from the smoking eliminated, making the environment much more pleasant to stay in. SF 6000 X captures the smoke before it’s able to spread, removing odors, harmful gases and particles through a multi-stage filtration system before releasing cleaned air back into the room. This protects non-smokers from harmful particles and unpleasant odors and allows smokers and non-smokers to stay in the same space, creating a better social environment. The issue of having to walk far distances to get to designated, safe smoking areas is eliminated, which in turn makes smoke breaks shorter and safer, increasing productivity. SF 6000 X is equipped with our fireproof ash handling system and is suitable for any environment that struggles with the challenges associated with frequent smoking.

Space efficient

HEPA 14-filtration

Increased work efficiency

Hassle-free installation and use

Hassle-free installation
and use

Clean, quiet and

Lifetime Performance

How it works SF 6000 X

The technology behind the solution

1. Capturing the smoke

A smoke-free environment can on only be created if the polluted air is captured before it spreads. The SF-Line makes this possible and the strategically placed air inlets, above the table, send the polluted air into our powerful, multi-stage air filtration system.

2. Filtration of gases, particles and odors

Through multiple highly efficient HEPA 14, ePM1 65% (F7), and activated carbon filters, the tobacco-specific gases, particles and odors are captured and removed from the air.

3. Cleaned air is returned to the environment

After the air has been cleaned of gases, particles, and odors, it is returned into the room, without any detectable traces of cigarette smoke.

4. Fireproof ash handling system

Our unique, fireproof ash handling system (AHS) handles the disposal of ashes and cigarette ends. A patented valve solution keeps it airtight to avoid smoke residue commonly found in traditional ashtrays.

Model QleanAir SF 6000 X Open/Closed
Dimensions (w x h x d) 2333 × 2170 × 1406 mm
Assembly height 2300 mm
Material Aluminum/glass/steel/MDF
Weight 305/320 kg
Capacity 9000 cigarettes/service
Smokers Up to 6

Airflow Up to 1050 m3/h
Particle filters ePM1 65% (F7) + HEPA 14
Gas filters Multiple layers of activated carbon filters

Sound level <30-47 dB(A)
Power supply 100/220-240V, ~50-60 Hz
Energy consumption 60-230W
Control IR sensor

Certifications and compliance   

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