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Indoor tobacco smoke


Smokers are a part of most businesses and workplaces. In many cases, indoor smoking comes with several challenges that need to be dealt with. Many organizations have introduced smoking bans, created smoking rooms, or designated smoking areas, but it still does not fully solve the problem: the risk of non-smokers being exposed to hazardous secondhand smoke. Without a proper, well-functioning solution, tobacco smoke can rapidly spread throughout the building. In addition, tobacco smoke and cigarette ends can both cause odor problems in a facility, making the environment unhealthy and unpleasant. Another challenge is that in many cases it can be difficult and time-consuming for smokers to get to designated smoking areas. In some facilities, such as airports, getting to designated outdoor smoking areas is not even possible due to security reasons.


Therefore, a solution to protect non-smokers is needed, and it is the responsibility of the management team at your organization to implement it. By using our smoking cabins that eliminate the spread of secondhand smoke and its odors, you can solve the above issues and drastically improve the social environment of your facility. This means that both smokers and non-smokers can work and socialize in the same place as if no one smoked.

Our cabins are also equipped with our unique fireproof ash handling system which helps eliminate any problem associated with cigarette ends and ashes in the facility, and at the same time removing their bad smell indoors. The smoking cabins can also help make smoke breaks shorter, increasing employee productivity. All our cabins are serviced regularly and will safely handle several thousands of cigarettes between service intervals.