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Outdoor tobacco smoke


In any public space, business, or workplace, there are smokers and, most likely, frequent smoking. Frequent smoking comes with several challenges that need to be dealt with, one of them being cigarette smoke spreading through the air, exposing non-smokers to secondhand smoke. Another issue is that it in many places can be difficult and time-consuming for smokers to get to a designated smoking area. When there is no easily accessible designated smoking area with proper air cleaning available, people will most likely smoke outside the nearest entrance, polluting the air in and around the entrance with tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors, and littering the ground with cigarette ends.


Our Outdoor Lounge is a great solution for any challenges related to outdoor smoking. It eliminates tobacco smoke’s harmful particles and gases, as well as unpleasant odors caused by smoking. By doing so, Outdoor Lounge improves the outside environment as well as the quality of the air inside the facility and, most importantly, it helps protect non-smokers and animals from secondhand smoke. Outdoor Lounge is also equipped with our unique fireproof ash handling system which helps eliminate the problem with cigarette ends littering entrances and sidewalks. In other words, it helps improve the overall impression of your business, while also making the environment in and around the facility healthier and more pleasant to reside in.

We also have indoor solutions if you prefer to solve the smoking problem indoors. For example the SF 6000 X, a space efficient smoking cabin for professional environments.