QleanAir SF Slim

A powerful and complete
solution for your
smoking room

SF Slim is the perfect solution for any facility looking to improve their already existing smoking rooms or smoking areas. Thanks to its space-efficient design, it’s suitable for smoking areas with limited space as well. SF Slim captures the smoke before it is able to spread, protecting non-smokers from harmful gases and particles, and contributing to an odor-free indoor environment. In other words, SF Slim can help make your facility’s indoor environment healthier, safer, and more pleasant to reside in.


Key components of the SF Slim smoking solution

  • Multi-stage filtration and preventive service ensure function and efficient air cleaning over time
  • HEPA 14 filter and ePM1 65% (F7) filters classified according to EN 1822 and ISO 16890 standards, and multiple layers of activated carbon
  • Capacity of 6000 cigarettes/service and airflow up to 900 m³/h
  • Quiet operation, <30-47 dB(A)
  • Clean, odorless, and fireproof with our patented ash handling system (AHS)
  • Operates independently of ventilation, using regular power socket
  • Delivered as a service, hassle-free installation, service and Lifetime Performance Guarantee included

Recommended areas
of application

SF Slim has been created specifically for facilities that need to improve the capturing and filtration of tobacco smoke in their already existing smoking rooms or smoking areas. Some premises that could benefit from using SF Slim are transportation facilities, offices, hotels, casinos, healthcare facilities, logistics centers, and production facilities. The main use of all our smoking cabins is to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke, while creating a pleasant indoor environment free from odors. By adding SF Slim solution to your existing smoking rooms or smoking areas, you can create a healthier, safer, and more pleasant environment for everyone to stay in.

Indoor tobacco smoke
Transportation & Airports
Offices, conferences & schools
Hotels, casinos & restaurants
Production industry
Shopping malls
Logistics & warehouses


Adding SF Slim to already existing smoking rooms and smoking areas helps improve the indoor air quality and eliminate odors caused by tobacco smoke. SF Slim efficiently captures the smoke and filters it through a multi-stage, high capacity filtration system before releasing the cleaned air back into the room. This reduces the amount of harmful particles, gases and odors in the room creating a better environment. SF Slim is equipped with our integrated ash handling system, which encourages smokers to stand closer to the capturing zone, making it an ideal solution for smoking areas with limited space.

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Fireproof ash
handling system

Large filtration

Hassle-free installation and use

Hassle-free installation
and use

Integrated filtration
and ash handling

Lifetime Performance

How it works sf slim

The technology behind the solution

1. Capturing the smoke

The built-in ash handling system encourages the user to stand close to the capturing zone, reducing the spread of smoke within the room, and the amount of time for air cleaning.

2. Filtration of odors, gases, and particles

Through multiple highly efficient HEPA 14, ePM1 65% (F7), and activated carbon filters, tobacco-specific odors, gases, and particles are captured and removed from the air.

3. Cleaned air is returned to the environment

After the air has been cleaned of odors, gases, and particles, it is returned into the room, without any detectable traces of cigarette smoke.

3. Fireproof ash handling system

Our unique, fireproof ash handling system (AHS) handles the disposal of ashes and cigarette ends. A patented valve solution keeps it airtight to avoid smoke residue commonly found in traditional ashtrays.

Model QleanAir SF Slim
Dimensions (w x h x d) 1087 x 2170 x 699 mm
Assembly height 2300mm
Material Aluminum, MDF, steel
Weight 130 kg
Capacity 6000 cigarettes/service
Smokers n/a

Airflow Up to 900 m3/h
Particle filters ePM1 65% (F7) + HEPA 14
Gas filters Multiple layers of activated carbon filters

Sound level <30-47 dB(A)
Power supply 100/220-240V, ~50-60 Hz
Energy consumption 60-230W
Control IR sensor

Certifications and compliance  

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