Pollen particles from trees and grass are present in the air in the Northern Hemisphere from around February to September. Many people react with flu-like symptoms like scratchy eyes, clogged or runny nose and sneezing. A general feeling of disease and tiredness which, if untreated can lead to asthma. Pollen allergy and asthma affect 15-40% of the European population according to Eumetnet, and the related direct and indirect costs are estimated to be between €50-150 billion per year. Bad indoor air aggravates the problems, and to make things worse, pollen and other contaminants accumulate in the indoor air. In fact, indoor air is often up to 50 times more polluted than the outdoor air according to the European Commission. Luckily, we have solutions for that.


Application areas

Productivity levels due to pollen allergies can drop by 25-40% amongst those most severely affected according to a Swedish study by Åslög Dahl. According to a study on teenagers in United Kingdom by Samantha Walker, seasonal allergy has a detrimental effect on examination performance. Therefore, we recommend that you test and control the indoor air in your organization. Typically, we help offices, conference centers, schools, healthcare, and care facilities to deal specifically with the pollen problem.



FS 30 Standard and FS 70 Standard are well equipped to reduce the levels of pollen and other contaminants in the air. FS 30 Standard has a small footprint and is suitable for spaces up to 100 m². FS 70 Standard is recommended for spaces up to 260 m². Both have very low sound levels to not disturb the students’ or employees’ concentration. The benefits of cleaner air are many. Both short and long term health and productivity will improve while absence drops. The premises will be more comfortable, clean, and attractive.

Less pollen
in the air

Healthier, more
productive staff

Less absence


Recommended products

QleanAir FS 30 Standard

Quiet and efficient air cleaner with a small footprint. Suitable for spaces up to 130 m².

QleanAir FS 70 Standard

A versatile and efficient air cleaner for a number of applications. Suitable for spaces up to 250 m².