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QleanAir QleanUp

Patented smoke-free and fireproof ash handling system with large capacity

QleanUp is our fireproof freestanding ash handling and cigarette disposal system that can help improve the environment of any existing smoking room. Apart from collecting cigarette ends and ashes, the airtight and patented valve solution extinguishes burning ends and eliminates unpleasant odors that are commonly found in traditional ashtrays.

Key components of QleanUp

  • A patented valve solution ensure that every cigarette is fully extinguished upon disposal
  • Completely airtight and odorless
  • Fireproof aluminum bag (NiContain) contains the cigarette ends and ashes
  • A capacity of 6000 cigarettes per unit
  • Available with an optional glass table


By using QleanUp in your existing smoking rooms, you can significantly improve their overall environment. The fireproof unit collects all of the cigarette ends and ashes in our patented, fireproof aluminum bag (NiContain). The aluminum bag stores the ashes and contains the odors, improving the overall air quality in the smoking room while eliminating the fire safety issues and unpleasant odors that come with regular ashtrays. For optimal results, we recommend our QleanUp in combination our with our air cleaning units such as FS 15 Carbon and FS 10 Carbon.

The technology behind the solution

  • Fireproof ash handling

    Our unique fireproof ash handling system QleanUp™ handles the disposal of ash and cigarette ends. The patented valve solution keeps it airtight, extinguishes burning ends and eliminates any smoke residue that is commonly found in traditional ashtrays. The patented and fireproof aluminum bag (NiContain) holds up to 6000 cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Model QleanAir QleanUp
Dimensions (w x h x d) 210 x 1077 x 510mm
Material Aluminum/steel
Weight 23 kg
Capacity 6000 cigarettes/service

Certifications and compliance