Within the healthcare sector, such as hospitals, health centers, elderly care and palliative care, there are many challenges regarding air quality. For natural reasons, in these premises you are exposed to high levels of viruses and bacteria in the air. Unpleasant odors might occur. You may also compound your own drugs, a process with risk of cross contamination between products which is also hazardous for the staff. And smokers can be found in healthcare and care facilities, among the staff, the patients, and the visitors. We have solutions for all these indoor air related challenges.



Having elevated levels of viruses and bacteria in the air is a workplace problem in healthcare and care facilities. It can also be a productivity problem if a lot of the staff are absent. For the weak and elderly patients it can be a matter of life and death to catch an infectious disease.

A lot of hospitals compound their own drugs, a process with high requirements of air quality to ensure the quality and durability of the drug, as well as protecting the health of patients and employees. There are also strict legal requirements to consider in this process.

Hospitals often prohibit staff from smoking where they can be seen by patients and visitors. Having to walk long distances to get to designated smoking areas might lower productivity. Having people smoking outside the entrances is not very welcoming and unbecoming for a healthcare facility. Keeping patients from smoking can be harmful if they are psychologically fragile.



The freestanding air cleaners FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 HEPA, equipped with certified HEPA 14 filtration are specifically designed to reduce the levels of viruses in the air. They were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic in close collaboration with the Karolinska University Hospital to protect the staff and minimize the spread in intensive care units, emergency rooms and waiting rooms. FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 HEPA are also suitable for care facilities for the elderly, canteens, and other shared spaces. In third-party tests, they have demonstrated a filtering performance of more than 99.995% particle reduction. For critical applications such as healthcare, it is important to choose an air cleaner without any housing leakage.

To handle the challenges of compounding medicine, we recommend QleanSpace, our modular and adaptable turnkey cleanroom that creates a controlled environment within the room. It is customized to your needs and comply with USP/ISO/GMP regulations. If you have very limited space, FS 70 HEPA and FS 30 HEPA might be an alternative to create a near cleanroom environment.

We have also a variety of smoking cabins to accommodate visitors and patients, both indoors and outdoors.


More productive

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The QleanAir

We deliver our solutions hassle-free as a service. We customize the solution to your needs by conducting measurements and testing. We take care of installation, service, upgrades, ensure compliance to regulations, and future-proof the solution. We deliver the freedom of clean air – so you can focus on what really matters.

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QleanAir FS 30 HEPA

HEPA filtration excellency, quiet with a small footprint.

QleanAir FS 70 HEPA

A versatile and efficient air cleaner for a number of applications.

QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom
QleanAir QleanSpace cleanroom

QleanAir Qleanspace ISO

A hassle-free and freestanding cleanroom tailored for your needs.

QleanAir S 60 Safety

A smoking cabin for up to six persons with extra focus on safety.