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Combustion particles


Combustion particles like soot are inevitable air contaminators in logistics centers, warehouses, healthcare facilities, production facilities, including food and beverage production, and other heavy industrial facilities. Unlike other air quality challenges that these types of facilities tend to face, combustion particles usually enter the facility through the cargo bay, and without proper air cleaning, the particles end up causing health issues for the employees, clogging machinery, and causing unnecessary maintenance and cleaning costs.


By using the air cleaning units listed below, you will be able to increase the indoor air quality in your facilities and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for both employees and products. By significantly reducing the number of particles in the air, the risk of employees getting sick and having to take time off work, or even getting long-term respiratory issues, is significantly reduced as well, resulting in increased productivity. Improved air quality also reduces the risk of product contamination, increasing the lifespan and quality of the products, as well as a reduced risk of machine clogging and malfunctioning. That means less downtime and lower cost for maintenance.