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Air cleaners

Freestanding air cleaners for professional environments​

In a lot of indoor environments, the installed ventilation system is not sufficient enough to maintain safe and healthy air quality. Freestanding air cleaning solutions are a cost- and energy-efficient way to complement the existing ventilation system in any facility. They can be used to reduce the risk of airborne pollutants such as particles, gases and odors that have a negative effect on people, products, and processes.

All of our air cleaners use a mechanical filtration system and have monitored airflow control to ensure that they continue to supply efficient air cleaning over time. Our aircleaners can be equipped with filters for particle removal up to HEPA 14 as well as activated carbon filters for gas and odor removal. They use a standard power socket, work independently of the facility’s ventilation system, and can be moved easily when needed.

Problem areas

Application areas

QleanAir FS 30 Standard

Efficient air cleaning for many applications

QleanAir FS 30 HEPA

Highly efficient yet quiet in a small footprint

QleanAir FS 30 Carbon

Large capacity for gases and odors in a small footprint

QleanAir FS 35 Standard

Efficient yet quiet in a small footprint

QleanAir FS 35 High Flow HEPA

Quietly provides large volumes of HEPA 14 filtered air

QleanAir FS 35 High Protection HEPA

Quietly filtering and degrading virus and bacteria from the air at HEPA efficiency rate

QleanAir FS 70 Standard

A versatile and efficient air cleaner for a wide range of applications

QleanAir FS 70 HEPA

The most versatile HEPA air cleaner on the market

QleanAir FS 70 Extra Capacity

Extra capacity for industrial applications

QleanAir FS 70 Heavy Duty

For heavy duty industrial applications

QleanAir FS 70 Pocket Filter

Powerful and efficient with maximum dust holding capacity

QleanAir FS 70 Carbon

Powerful and efficient against gases and odors

QleanAir FS 70 FG Standard

Made for the demanding food & beverage industry

QleanAir FS 70 FG High Efficiency

For sensitive environments in the food & beverage industry

QleanAir FS 70 FG HEPA

For highly sensitive environments in the food & beverage industry

QleanAir FS 90 Standard

A powerful air cleaner for large scale jobs

QleanAir FS 90 Ceiling

Specially developed for warehouses, logistics centers and production facilities

QleanAir FS 10 Carbon

Ceiling-mounted and efficient against smoke, odors, and gases

QleanAir FS 15 Carbon

Efficient against smoke, odors and other gases

QleanAir Connect

Smart air quality control