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Solutions / Problem areas

Welding & grinding


When it comes to production facilities where welding and grinding are part of the production process, there are several challenges regarding air contamination that need to be considered. Apart from all the general issues that production facilities face due to poor air quality, like dirt and dust, the welding and grinding process produces hazardous gases and fumes, which can cause serious health issues for those working in the facility. Long-term exposure can even lead to cancer and other fatal lung diseases. Additionally, welding and grinding facilities often have problems with metal fragments and debris contaminating the air, further increasing the risk of clogged machinery and serious health issues.


By using our air cleaning units shown below, you will be able to significantly reduce the toxic welding fumes generated during the welding process, as well as other pollutants in the air. This will ensure a healthier and safer work environment for your employees and reduce the risk of them getting sick. Resulting in a more attractive workplace and increased productivity.

Improved air quality also reduces the risk of product contamination, increasing the lifespan and quality of the products, as well as a reduced risk of clogging up machines, causing machinery malfunction. That means less downtime and lower costs for maintenance.