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Freestanding smoking
cabins for protection
against secondhand smoke

We invented the smoking cabin 30 years ago and have been the world leader ever since, with outstanding performance of our products. Our smoking cabins provide a clean, fireproof, odorless and sustainable solution to the smoking problem while protecting non-smokers. Our cabins efficiently capture the smoke with its high airflow, and remove harmful gases and particles using a multi-stage filtration system with HEPA 14 and activated carbon. The cleaned air is released back into the room without any detectable trace of cigarette smoke. The patented ash handling system (AHS) disposes of ashes and cigarette ends safely, odorless and smoke free. Filter and ash tray capacity are controlled and synchronized for efficient service.

Clean, quiet, odorless

Patented ash handling
system and capacity control

Hassle-free installation and use

installation and use

Lifetime Performance

Recommended areas

Our smoking cabins come in a variety of sizes and designs, making it easy to accommodate lots of different types of facilities and needs. The solution is delivered hassle-free as a service with installation, service, maintenance and our unique Lifetime Performance Guarantee included. Browse through the industry-specific categories or use the filters below to find the right solution for you and your business.

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Problem areas

Indoor tobacco smoke
Outdoor tobacco smoke

Application areas

Logistics & warehouses
Offices, conferences & schools
Hotels, casinos & restaurants
High security institutions
Production industry
Transport & airports
Shopping malls

QleanAir S 30

Compact smoking cabin for 1-2 persons

QleanAir S 40

Medium sized smoking cabin for up to
four persons

QleanAir S 60

Large smoking cabin for up to six

QleanAir S 30 Safety

For harsh environments with high
demands on safety – compact

QleanAir S 40 Safety

For harsh environments with high
demands on safety – medium

QleanAir S 60 Safety

For harsh environments with high
demands on safety – large

Product page SF 2000 X

QleanAir SF 2000 X

A compact solution to handle tobacco

QleanAir SF 4000 X

An space efficient solution to handle
tobacco smoke

Product page SF 6000 X

QleanAir SF 6000 X

An efficient smoking cabin for larger
professional environments

QleanAir SF Forum

For meeting spaces that require a high

QleanAir SF Square

Our largest smoking cabin

QleanAir Outdoor Lounge

A weatherproof outdoor solution

QleanAir SF Slim

A powerful and complete solution for
your smoking room

QleanAir QleanUp

Smoke-free and fireproof ash handling
system with large capacity